Step 1 - Log in to your SRA account

  • Please head over to the SRA website via the link below. Here, you will be asked to input your e-mail address and your password in order to log in.

Step 2 - Head over to the classes page

  • Please follow the link below that takes you to the SRA website. It directly takes you to the Classes page, where you can browse through different types of training sessions.

  • You may also select classes based on the sim you would like training in. In this case, please hover over the mouse to the right side, and select the given sim. This will take you to the classes you can take in the given simulator.

Step 3 - Choose the time slot of your session (in case of multiple time slots)

  • First, please select the date of the class, then select the time slot you wish to sign up for. Please note that there is a possibility that a session is already full - in such cases, please select a different time slot or date. Finally, click on Book now on the bottom.

Step 4 - Finish the purchase

  • After clicking Book now, please go ahead and click on the Proceed to check out option. Make sure to check if the credentials are correct.

Step 5 - Joining discord

  • After the successful purchase, you will need to join the training session at the given time slot, preferably a couple of minutes before the start time.

Step 6 - Joining the training channel

  • After joining the discord server, please find the appropriate discord channel. You may need to scroll down to do so. In the case of the weekly Porsche cup sessions, we need to join the iR - Weekly Training voice channel.

Now you are all set for the session!